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Study Asia in Lund!

Be prepared for the demands of today’s globalized world and obtain cutting edge expertise in Asian Studies!

We offer a unique programme in Asian Studies. The programme is interdisciplinary and aims to provide you with an advanced knowledge on contemporary issues in East and South-East Asia so that you will have the knowledge and concrete skills necessary to understand and assess social, cultural, economic and political developments in the region. The programme permits you to specialise based on your regional, thematic, and disciplinary focus and to critically examine and discuss issues within the field of East and South-East Asia.

The programme offers you an opportunity to specialize regionally and thematically. You choose to focus on a country or a region in East and South-East Asia, but also read courses that are more general and deal with cross-regional issues. During the fourth semester you will have the possibility to travel to Asia to carry out fieldwork and collect material for your master thesis.

Lund University is an international environment with students, researchers and professors from different countries. Something that is exceptional is the informal relation between students and professors. Students are encouraged to think creatively and critical thinking is expected.

This Master’s programme is unique in Europe, and provides an excellent foundation for postgraduate studies, teaching, and research, as well as for work in government agencies, international services, private firms and NGOs.


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