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COSM23: Contemporary Chinese Society

The course surveys and analyzes the momentous cultural, social, political and economic changes that have taken place in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) since the early 1980s.

The course starts with a brief account of contemporary history, religion and culture, as well as geography and demography. The course examines the co-existence of continuity and change in relation to identity, beliefs, and social and political values. It particularly addresses how social and political developments affect different individuals and groups of people such as women, religious groups and ethnic minorities, workers, peasants and officials. The course also focuses on different institutions and organizations such as work places, civic associations, the media, and legal and political institutions. Furthermore, it discusses and contextualizes issues and problems concerning poverty and inequality, citizenship and governance, freedom of expression, demographic changes, environment and urbanization. All the questions in the course are discussed from a gender perspective. The digital development and its importance for the Chinese society is a special focus, as is China’s growing regional and global role.

The course is divided into four parts: history, culture and traditions, geography and demography; media, law and civil society; rural and urban developments, ideology and politics; and welfare, economic developments and the environment. The course builds on theories from different disciplines at the same time as an interdisciplinary perspective is stimulated. The course also makes use of and analyzes visual materials such as documentary film.

COSM23 information

Course code: COSM23
Credits: 15 ECTS credits
Cycle: Second Cycle 
Language of instruction: English
Study venue: Lund
Rate of study: Full time (100%)
Teaching hours: Daytime
Entry requirements: To be eligible to the course, the students must have a Bachelor's degree in social sciences or humanities. Oral and written language proficiency in English equivalent to English 6/B from Swedish upper secondary school is a requirement.

Study period

2024-01-15 - 2024-03-19

Schedule & Literature

COSM23 Schedule

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