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Asia Library

The Asia Library is closed for summer! Welcome back August 27.

June 9 - August 26 : Closed

Enjoy your summer!

Irregular hours

Welcome to the Digital Library - it is always open!
LUBcat -  From June 25 you will be able to find, request, renew in the new library catalogue

LUBsearch - Find ePublications, databases, books, and articles

Library Guide for Asian Studies - Find it, write it, publish it! All you need for your Asian studies.

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Asia Library

Sölvegatan 18 B (Nodrum), Lund

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E-mail: library [at] ace [dot] lu [dot] se

Phone: +46 (0)46-222 30 43

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Lund University
Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Asia Library
P.O Box 118
SE- 221 00 Lund

Service Point: 61

Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies
Lund University
Sölvegatan 18 B, 223 62 Lund

Phone: +46 46 222 38 61
E-mail: info [at] ace [dot] lu [dot] se