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Chontida Auikool

I am earned a Bachelor's Degree in Southeast Asian Studies and completed my Master's Degree in International Relations from Thammasat University. My research interests include  Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Chinese Indonesian, Conflict and Violence, as well as Southeast Asian film. I received a research grant from SEASREP foundation to conduct field research in Indonesia on the topic of Ethnic Relations in Multicultural Medan in the post-Suharto era. I  also published an article, ''The voice of the silence: Indonesia's and Thailand's alternative memory and culture of impunity in films'' as well as co-written with Chanintira na Thalang in two articles, ''The immobility paradox in Thailand's southern border provinces'' and ''Opportunities for inter-ethno-religious engagement in Thailand's southern border provinces''.

My doctoral research here concerns the subject of ethnic Chinese living in Indonesia, particularly the Aceh-Chinese communities within the country. The study will focus on narratives and memories of the group during the time of conflicts. It aims to see how various violent incidents in the past since the Indonesian national revolution ( 1945-1949)  may have impacted on the Chinese's identity and sense of belonging. Also, how the Chinese minority responded to different political situations, including the political changes after the peace agreement and Aceh becomes a special autonomous area under Indonesia. Through memories recalled by the Aceh's Chinese themselves, the research expects to provide a deeper understanding of the Chinese communities and uncover their stories of struggles, which have been absent from the Indonesian national history.

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Doctoral student

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