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Human Rights in East and South-East Asia

The aim of the course is to enable students to critically analyse the problems and future prospects of human rights work in East and South-East Asia. Focus is placed on the cultural, social, economic and political factors that prevent or promote the protection for human rights in different societies in East and South-East Asia. Differences and similarities with regard to problems and policies concerning human rights in the region are analysed and discussed. The participation of different East and South-East Asian countries in the international system for the protection of human rights and in different rights instruments is analysed.

In the course, the relationship between international human rights legislation and national legislation is studied. Furthermore, it provides an introduction to local and regional debates about human rights and to human rights work, focusing especially on the considerable differences between different states and NGOs with regard to work and priorities with regard to human rights. The course is based on key texts in the international legislation on human rights but aims to integrate theories of international law with theories of social and political science and area studies. The course advocates and applies an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human rights which is reflected in the teaching, the choice of topics and the required reading.

Course syllabus in English
Kursplan på svenska


Application period: 16 March - 15 April, 2020

Application code: LU-19581
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Course code: COSM33
Credits: 7.5 ECTS credits

Cycle: Second Cycle 
Language of instruction: English

Study venue: Lund
Rate of study: Full time (100%)
Teaching hours: Daytime
Study period: 2020-11-02 – 2020-12-01

Entry requirements: To be eligible to the course, the students must have a Bachelor's degree in social sciences or humanities. Oral and written language proficiency in English equivalent to English 6/B from Swedish upper secondary school is a requirement.

Application code: LU-19581
Direct link to the course on the application web site

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