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Genealogy making and lineages in postsocialist China: Space, labor, and rituals under processes of heritagization

Chinese men dressed in red carrying palanquins through the village. Photo.
An ancestor portrait as well as sets of boxes with the genealogies were put on palanquins and paraded through the original village while smoke from the firecrackers filled the air. Photo by Marina Svensson.

Marina Svensson has published a photo essay in Visual Ethnography.

The essay addresses through images and text the work and rituals surrounding the making and printing of genealogies in China. It documents how lineages and printmakers negotiate a new socio-economic environment under the process of heritagization, the materiality and labor of printmaking, and the spaces in which work and rituals take place. It adds to our understanding of the continuing importance of lineages in Chinese society and how ancestral halls take on new forms and functions in a rapidly changing semi-urban environment.

The open access article is found here