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Research clusters and research projects

Individual research projects at the Centre currently cover topics such as domestic politics in Cambodia, religion and disasters in South-East Asia, gender, Buddhism and communal jurisdiction in Thailand and Myanmar, microcredit programmes in China, economic developments in China, children’s issues in China, China’s digital society, cultural heritage issues in China, Japan’s foreign policy, and international relations in East Asia.

The Centre is working to consolidate its research profile by building on its previous strengths, and has identified new promising fields and research frontiers. This research agenda is underpinned by a transregional focus on flows of people, ideas, and goods – and the impact of these flows on individuals, communities, the environment, human security, etc. This focus opens up for new ways of studying the region, and links domestic, regional and global developments.
The Centre aims to consolidate and develop three interlinked interdisciplinary themes:
Digital Asia
Building on the Digital China project (funded by the Swedish Research Council and hosted at the Centre from 2013 to 2018) the Centre aims to consolidate its position as a leading research institution in the field while also expanding its research focus to address developments in selected countries such as Cambodia and Japan. Read more about our Digital China research project
Human rights and social justice
The Centre aims to continue its focus on different human rights issues (including freedom of speech, labour rights and gender), civil society developments, and social justice. Its membership in the recently established Human Rights Research Hub at Lund University provides a new platform to develop and strengthen our work in this field.

Global challenges and international relations
The Centre aims to further address the region’s importance for global economic development and geopolitics, as well as underlying tensions and conflicts. Other non-traditional security issues, including food security, sustainability and environmental issues, are also topics that researchers at the Centre address and aim to develop.


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