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About the Programme

The Master’s programme in Asian Studies at Lund University is a popular programme and the largest Master’s programme in Asian Studies in Northern Europe.

Our students appreciate the truly international milieu with fellow students from a great number of nations and teachers who are established experts on Asia in different disciplines in the social sciences.


The aim of this transdisciplinary programme is to provide you with advanced knowledge about current issues in Asia. You will gain expertise on contemporary Asian societies and will be able to specialise, based on the regional, thematic and disciplinary focus you choose.

Learning outcomes

As a student on this programme you will

  • Learn to analyse complex issues related to social, cultural, political and economic developments in Asia, and acquire the capacity to analyse their causes and interrelations, and to propose possible solutions, as well as identify future trends and developments
  • Gain the ability to work in an interdisciplinary setting and in a multicultural international environment
  • Learn to plan and use appropriate methods, undertake advanced tasks within predetermined time frames and so contribute to the formation of knowledge and evaluation
  • Gain the skills required for work in research, government agencies or employment in some other qualified capacity
  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge about scientific communication channels and be able to monitor the knowledge development within the field of Asian Studies

When you graduate you will receive a Master of Science in Asian Studies degree.


Most of our students carry out fieldwork in an Asian country of their choice and you will have the option of taking our applied fieldwork course at one of our partner universities in Asia:

The applied fieldwork courses at our partner universities are open to all our students, you do not have to apply to get a place.

It is also possible to stay in Lund and take the applied fieldwork course here.

You can read more about the applied fieldwork course here


Page Manager:

photo of likki lee
Likki Lee (Germany), Master’s in Asian Studies

"The courses are taught by teachers from inside and outside the centre or even outside Lund as the programme directors make great efforts to ensure that all courses are taught by specialists in their field. All teachers have conducted extensive research in Asia and incorporate their insights into their teaching in various ways.”


Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies
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