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Course during the fourth semester

During the fourth semester, you concentrate entirely on your thesis. You collect material, possibly through field work in Asia with the support of one of our partner universities, and you submit your thesis at the end of the semester.

CÖSM40: Master’s Thesis (30 credits)

The Master’s thesis is the culmination of the student’s work during the programme and should address social, cultural, political and/or economic issues in contemporary Asia. The course consists mainly of the student conducting an investigation and writing an independent thesis of 30 credits.

As mentioned above, the thesis should address issues within society, culture, politics and/or economics in contemporary Asia. The work is guided by a supervisor who provides constructive feedback on the basic structure of the investigation and during the course of the work. The length of the thesis should be approximately 15,000 words and have to be defended at a seminar. 

CÖSM40 Course syllabus in English (PDF - new window)

CÖSM40 Course plan in Swedish (PDF - new window)

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