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Hidden places

selected photographs
Hidden places tell us something about the diversity of city life, how places, and people, may have been forgotten or marginalised in the urbanisation process, or how places can be appropriated for diverse activities and uses outside of the sight and control of the authorities. These places may also reveal the other sides of busy tourist sites. But hidden places can also refer to how places, once neglected, such as old factories, are discovered and turned into art places first by struggling artists but later maybe taken over by the government. A trend we see the world over.


Electric Artists

In a rare opportunity, the Singaporean government opens up a normally off limit, decommissioned power station for the people's art market.

Photographer: Erik Gullberg
Location: Singapore

Category winner: The winning image shows a hidden and forgotten power station in Singapore turned into an art space. The photo in itself, through its darkness and the unclear nature of the place’s functions (we don’t see what people are doing) underscore the sense of a hidden place.



A post-apocalyptic view

On an abandoned residential building, overlooking Juelin Temple in the Nan'an district of Chongqing.

Photographer: Ludvig Rassmus
Location: Chongqing, China




Not far from the bright lights of the theme park in Ha Long City, and the nearby Ha Long Bay, lies a dusty backlot mostly empty of the hordes of busses that fill it in the tourist season.

Photographer: Themba Wahlstrom
Location: Ha Long City, Vietnam



Hidden Memory

In the middle of restless crowd the simple and hidden place can be a crystallised memory.

Photographer: Margaretha Situmorang
Location: Chengdu, China



Vertiginous peek of the city

A rock climber enjoys a unique view over the suburbs of Seoul

Photographer: Alice Schneider
Location: Seoul, South Korea

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