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Urban Docs Asia

Identities, Memories, and Struggles in Asian Cities

FOCUS ASIA Documentary Film Festival 7-10 December 2010

In December the Centre organised its second documentary film festival. This time the theme of the festival was urban life in Asia. Through a series of documentary films by mainly local filmmakers we explored the bustling life of Asian cities such as Mumbai, Lahore, Singapore, Tokyo, Yokohama, Shanghai and Beijing.

The festival began with a lecture on 7th December by the well-known Chinese scholar Lu Xinyu. During 8 and 9 December a total of 14 different films were shown at Kino. Tickets were available free of charge upon request at Kino. Several of the film directors were available for Q&A after the films shows or at the seminar on the 10th.

On 10th December a one-day seminar on Cities and the Visual: Ethnography, Documentaries, and Image-based Research was organised. At the seminar some of the film-makers gave presentations of their work and other scholars working on different types of projects documenting or studying urban issues from different perspectives will also present their works.

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Lahore movie image
From the film "Side Effects: Portrait of a Young Artist in Lahore" by Mashhood Ahmed Sheikh. Photo courtesy of the filmmaker.

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