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Contemporary Issues in Taiwanese Innovation and Industrial Policy

FOCUS ASIA 12-13 November 2009

All over the world governments are trying create flourishing clusters and dynamic business networks based on science and innovation. Although these attempts have been strongly supported by governments there have been few examples of successful policy created high-tech business regions and industries. However, one of the few examples often mentioned where this has succeeded is Taiwan where we in the last few decades seen a strong policy support of the development of industries related electronics and ICT.

Since the mid-1990s, in the traces of these industries, the Taiwanese government has also put an increasing emphasis of the creation of new industries related to new advanced knowledge, such as for example biotechnology. The development of biotechnology has however hitherto been a disappointment, for instance in terms of the income generated and number of new technologies produced. This observation directs us towards issues such as the need to scrutinize past developments and what expectations has been brought forward but also to look at what lies ahead.  
The 11th Focus Asia discussed the current Taiwanese economic transformation and innovation and industrial policy. What will be focus is Taiwan’s contemporary ambition to move into a knowledge-based economy. This was discussed through various theoretical and empirical perspectives. The scope of this workshop can roughly be divided into the study of the diffusion of innovation and the embeddedness of innovation in a Taiwanese context.


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