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(In)security in Asia: Land, Energy & Food

FOCUS ASIA 25 November 2008

In our ninth event, we examined the inter-relationships between the environment and security. The endless and increasingly competitive search for resources, be they food, water, or energy related, is proving to be a potent cause of divisions and conflicts.

Our first lecture looked at a region that has been the focus of much international scrutiny of late: the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. This case neatly demonstrated the relationship between land and water management issues and security in a region plagued by conflict.

Our second lecture movesd onto the issue of energy security; another hot topic in Asia. An emergent China with expanding energy needs illustrates the importance of a coherent energy policy. This lecture examined the impact of these energy policies on regional security and the reduction of conflict.

In addition, we were excited to be able to offer, in conjunction with The Rural Development Group (RuDe), an open lecture by Dr. Peter Timmer of Stanford University on food security in Asia. 

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