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Focus Asia 2007

FOCUS ASIA 16-18 April 2007

Focus Asia in April 2007 hosted two workshops.

On 16 and 17 (half day) April a workshop on R&D and technological change in China was held. Researches from China, the US and Europe with long-standing expertise in the field were invited. Three panels focused on (1) China’s R&D capabilities and the country’s strategies on innovation, (2) the spatial imbalances between China’s science and technology parks on the one hand and its backward regions on the other hand and (3) the opportunities and threats for foreign firms that conduct R&D in China.
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On 17 (half day) and 18 April a workshop on The intersections between desires and violences was held. The purpose of the workshop was to examine the contingent intersections between symbolic as well as manifested forms of desires and violences in Asia and at a more general level. By highlighting the ambiguous, ambivalent, and complex ways in which desires and/or violences are imbued with local configurations of masculinities, femininities, sexualities, bodies, and power in an Asian context, the workshop investigated how intersections between desires and violences can be studied empirically and analyzed theoretically.
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