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Young in Asia

FOCUS ASIA Documentary Film Festival 22-23 November 2006

Focus Asia in November 2006 took the form of a documentary film festival with the theme Young in Asia. The film festival showcased ten films that reflected the different challenges, choices, and dreams of young people in Asia. The situation of young people in Asia mirrors developments in their respective societies. But the films also revealed the great differences that exist both within and among Asian societies due to poverty and social and cultural customs.

Many young people in Asia live lives not much different from those of young people in Sweden. They listen to the same kind of music and buy the latest fashion and other consumer goods. Middle class youth in Shanghai and Delhi probably have more in common with young people in Sweden than they have with their peers working in sweat-shops in Shenzhen or having to sell themselves into prostitution in Bachara.

The films told a number of moving stories about ordinary young people in Asia, ranging from North Korea, Japan, and China to Burma, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

Throughout the fall the Centre also arranged public lectures on Youth in Asia;

  • 14 September, "Attitudes and Values of Chinese Youth: The Contradictions and Interactions among Internationalism, Nationalism and Materialism Amid Changing State-Society Relations" By Professor Stanley Rosen, Director, USC College East Asian Studies Center,  
  • 26 October, "Japanese Youth: Hope of the Nation or Threat to Society?" by Dr. Monica Braw,  
  • 2 November, "The War between Vietnam and the USA: An Intergenerational Perspective" by Assoc. Professor Helle Rydström, Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies

Two of the film directors also gave public lectures, on 9 November Folke Rydén director of The Tsunami Generation gave a talk on documenting a tragedy and on 17 November, Micha X. Peled, director of China Blue discussed his film project.

The Tsunami Generation
From the film "The Tsunami Generation" by Folke Rydén. Photo courtesy of the filmmaker.


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focus asia november 2006 poster image

sacrifice photo
From the film "Sacrifice" by Ellen Bruno. Photo courtesy of the filmmaker.

photo the Ma family
From the film "To Live is Better than to Die" by Weijun Chen. Photo courtesy of the filmmaker.

The New God photo
From the film "The New God" by Yutaka Tsuchiya. Photo courtesy of the filmmaker.

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