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Religious and Social movements in East and South-East Asia and HIV/AIDS in East and South-East Asia

FOCUS ASIA 26-27 April 2006

One of the themes for the lectures this spring was Religious and Social movements in East and South-East Asia. On 26 April the lectures addressed new developments and research regarding the social and political role of religion in contemporary East and South-East Asian societies. In China and Japan we see a revival of religion and a redefinition of religion as a result of both domestic and global developments. In the South-East Asian societies religion has traditionally played a more active role in political life. Today we also see the rise of a more radical Islam that has implications outside of the region.

On 27 April the theme was HIV/AIDS in East and South-East Asia. HIV/AIDS has been described as one of the worst pandemics of modern time. Until recently Sub-Saharan Africa has been in focus, but today Asia is perceived as a new "hot zone" due to the rapid increase of HIV infections. The lectures highlighted some of the most pressing issues in the field of HIV/AIDS in Asia today namely the role of national and international actors, marginalised groups and universal treatment.


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