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East and South-East Asia in Global and Regional Politics

Study the international relations of Asia from a theoretically informed perspective! This course provides you with the basics of international relations theory, and helps you apply it to make sense of contemporary Asian affairs. Go beyond the headlines to get a deeper understanding of issues such as the rise of China and the North Korea nuclear issue.

This course deals with the international relations in East and South-East Asia. We begin the course with an introduction to basic theories about international relations and continue with a short historical overview focusing on the post-war period. We then move on to the following most important regional questions: power rivalry, identity and historical memory, territorial disputes and non-traditional security issues, such as public diplomacy, soft power and environmental and food safety.

The course is based on your active participation, and will enable you to develop your ability to critically assess and analyse theories and use empirical examples from the region.


Course syllabus in English
Kursplan på svenska


Application period: 16 March - 15 April, 2020

Application code: LU-19611
Direct link to the course on the application web site


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Course code: COSM37
Credits: 7.5 ECTS credits

Cycle: Second Cycle 
Language of instruction: English

Study venue: Lund
Rate of study: Full time (100%)
Teaching hours: Daytime
Study period: 2020-08-31 – 2020-09-29

Entry requirements: To be eligible to the course, the students must have a Bachelor's degree in social sciences or humanities. Oral and written language proficiency in English equivalent to English 6/B from Swedish upper secondary school is a requirement.

Application code: LU-19611
Direct link to the course on the application web site

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