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Digital Asia: Cultural, Social and Political Transformations

The course studies and analyzes the development and use of different types of ICT (such as the Internet, social media, mobile phones and apps) in the light of the various social, economic, and political systems in Asia. Local development is also analyzed based on regional and global trends and processes. The course highlights the various concepts, theories and methods used to study digital development. This means that the course is based on different fields of science, eg. media and communication science, cultural science, anthropology, political science and area studies with a focus on Asian studies, while applying an interdisciplinary perspective. The course focuses on various themes that take into account factors such as gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status and age. The student is encouraged to apply theoretical and methodological insights from the course literature to their own case studies that illustrate the use of different types of ICT among individuals and groups in different countries. The themes that the course addresses are:

  •     processes of identity creation and socialization through e.g. blogging, gambling, and the use of social media
  •     how ICT affects the emergence of new social networks and groups, eg interest groups, civil society, and citizen journalists
  •     social and political activities, eg how ICT is used by political leaders and in political parties, within new popular movements and during protests
  •     new methods and ethnographic approaches as a result of the development of ICT


Course syllabus in English
Kursplan på svenska


Application code: LU-19691
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Course code: CÖSM35
Credits: 7.5 ECTS credits

Cycle: Second Cycle 
Language of instruction: English

Study venue: Lund
Rate of study: Full time (100%)
Study period: 2019-09-02 – 2019-10-01

Entry requirements: To be eligible to the course, the students must have a Bachelor's degree in social sciences, humanities, economics or law and at least 30 credits in Asian studies or equivalent. Oral and written language proficiency in English equivalent to English 6/B from Swedish upper secondary school is a requirement.

Application code for fall semester 2019: LU-19691

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