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Dreams and Creativity

selected photographs
Dreams and creativity was the topic for the third category. Dreams can be individual and collective and shared by a whole generation, and they are often shaped by socio-economic realities of different times and places. Cities can be sites of dreams for migrants who move there but their dreams might not be fulfilled. Cities are also often seen as creative places as they attract artists and other groups of people.


Blue vs Yellow

Two children make the most of the empty restaurant behind them, using the drinks fridges as goals to live out their footballing fantasies.

Photographer: Themba Wahlstrom
Location: Hoi An, Vietnam

Category winner: The winning photo shows two little boys playing football outside a small shop in a city in Vietnam. The photo shows how dreams are present and acted out in small ways, and shared across cultures and societies.


HK Concrete Jungle where Dreams are Made of

Described by some as the New York of the East, Hong Kong is its own thing. A unique blend of Western and Asian features, the energy of opportunity.

Photographer: Mathieu Mal
Location: Hong Kong



Bubble Dream

Dream big in the small vibrant city Hong Kong

Photographer: Man Wai Ho
Location: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong



The Reality Reflecting into the Dream World

Students taking a break and recharging next to a lake in the midst of October, 2018.

Photographer: Kristina Simkunaite
Location: Chengdu, China



Dream Big and Dare to Fail

Little girl on a ferry trip to the heart of Hong Kong. Uncertainty and a promise in a city of diversity, fusion of east and west.

Photographer: Kylie Zhiqi Liu
Location: Hong Kong




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