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FAQ about PayEx

NOTE! In December 2017 there will be another print system and the PayEx account will not work anymore.
In order to print, scan and copy you need a student account and a PayEx account.

Create PayEx Account

PayEx is an electronic wallet that you need to use as payment method for your prints and copies. When you open a PayEx account an active e-mail address is required. Preferably choose an address that you will use even after you have finished your studies.

First create (step 1) and then connect (step 2) your PayEx account to AutoPay agreement.

1. Create an account at PayEx.

2. Connect your PayEx to your student account via UniFlow.

Registration is free and all transactions are free of charge. You only pay for your copying and printing. If you already have an account with PayEx you can use that account. You can deposit money in your PayEx account via bank transfer, Internet bank or credit card.  

You need to add your Swedish personnummer when you create your PayEx account.
Students without Swedish personnummer need to send (from their registered e-mail address) a photocopy of their passport and acceptance letter or student ID, for verification and activation of their account. It is also possible to photograph and send the information via your cell phone.

How do I add money to my PayEx account?

Log in to your PayEx account and choose ”Deposit” in your account. Choose payment method and fill in requested information.

What is PayEx?

PayEx Account is an electronic wallet. Registration is free, all transactions are free of charge.
Read more about  PayEx:

Why PayEx?

Lund University is prohibited by law to handle cash or act as a bank. Therefore PayEx manages the money transactions instead.
As a student at the Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies you connect your student account to PayEx and through a AutoPay agreement take part of the general agreement regarding the printing system between the university and PayEx. The money and the account are your own. Charging is simple and it is easy to deposit money. PayEx can also be used for other payments.

What is an AutoPay Agreement?

The AutoPay agreement is an agreement between Lund University and you as a student. It gives the university possibility to automatically withdraw money from your PayEx account for prints and copies. It can be compared to a direct debit / standing order. The agreement can be cancelled at any time at

Can I get my money back?

Yes! You can make a withdrawal of the money you have not used in your PayEx account. You login to your PayEx account an click on Withdrawal, and give the account number to where you want the money to go.

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