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Print, scan and copy

Important information about printing, scanning, and copying at the Asia Library
NOTE! In December 2017 there will be another print system and you will not be able to use the PayEx account for printing.

You can pick up your print-outs at any printer at the following libraries at Lund University:

The Asia Library, Economics and Management Library, University Library, Social Sciences Faculty Library, Raoul Wallenberg Institute Library, IIIEE Library and Campus Helsingborg Library. Please note that if you connected your PayEx to Uniflow at another library than the ones listed here , you need to connect it again via this page(Employees do not need to do this, and can also use the printers at Byrålogen.)

NOTE! In December 2017 there will be another printing system and the PayEx account will not work at LU anymore.

How it is done:

  • You need a PayEx account connected to your student account . (Employees at LU do not need a PayEx account.)
  • As a student you can print from the University's computers, USB or e-mail your prints.
  • Printouts will be placed in a central queue – you can pick up your printouts at any printer at the libraries mentioned above.
  • You need to identify yourself at the printer if you want to print, copy, or scan. You can use your LU card or your student account to log in. (Employees can use Lucat ID or LU employee card.)
  • Your prints will not come out until you have identified yourself at a printer.
  • Prints will remain in the central queue for 72 hours.

Get Started

NOTE! In December 2017 there will be another print system and the PayEx account will not work with the printer anymore.

To get started you need to first create a PayEx account and then connect it to your student account. When you open a PayEx account an active e-mail address is required. Preferably choose an address that you will use even after you have finished your studies.

1. Create an account at PayEx.

2. Connect your PayEx to your student account in UniFlow via this page. Make sure to click on the link to the library where you want to print out. You have to add the other library links as well, if you plan to print out there.

NB! You need to add your Swedish personnummer (personal registration number) when you create your PayEx account.
Students without Swedish personnummer need to send (from your registered e-mail address) a photocopy of your passport and acceptance letter or student ID, for verification and activation of their account. It is also possible to take a photo of the documents with your electronic device and e-mail the information to PayEx.

Payment with PayEx

NOTE! In mid-October 2017 there will be another print system and the PayEx account will not work with the printer anymore.

How do I add money to my PayEx account?

Log in to your PayEx account and choose ”Deposit” in your account.
Choose payment method and fill in requested information.


Identification at printer/copier

You can put your LU-card on the printer to log in, and you can also identify yourself with your STiL account at the printer/copier. Only one card at a time can be connected to the printing system. Do not forget to log out!

E-mail prints

If you choose to print via e-mail you must send the print as an attached file from your student account email address, or the e-mail address you assigned to your PayEx account. You can register an alternative e-mail address at Uniflow:     Log in with your student account and click on Identities.

More information:

Page Manager:
Important information regarding PayEx


NOTE! In December 2017 the pay system for printing will be changed, and the PayEx account will not work at LU anymore. Your PayEx account will still be active.

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