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Borrow and order

How to find, borrow and order books and articles


Finding books

To find the book you are looking for use LUBcat , the new library catalogue, and LUBsearch. LUBsearch is our collective entry point for the Lund University Libraries' collection of printed and electronic material.

If it is older material you can also try Catalogue -57. This is a card catalogue listing Lund University Library’s holdings up to 1957.

If it is a printed book and it is not on the shelf in the Asia Library you can order it, or queue for it, and pick it up at any library at Lund University.

If you can't find it at Lund University you can try Libris, the Swedish national library catalogue. If you find it you can place a request for an interlibrary loan.

You can also suggest a purchase to the librarians if you can not find the book at all.

Borrowing books

At the Asia Library you will get personal service from the library staff to borrow, and return, the books at the information desk.

Course books

Course books you can borrow for 14 days, and renew them (online or in a LU library) up to ten times, if they are not requested. Please note, there is a fine of 10 SEK a book a day if you are late.
Most of the course books are also available as e-books, use ePublications in LUBsearch to find them.

Reference course books are placed together with the other course books on the Course Book shelf.

The rest of the books on the shelves (that are not reference books with red stickers) you are guaranteed to keep for 4 weeks, and if they are not requested, they will be automatically be renewed for 4 weeks at the time up to 6 months. If nobody is requesting them and you still want them after six months you need to take them to the Asia Library to be renewed at the information desk.

If it is an e-book you can download it to your computer, cell phone or other device. If you need help, please ask the librarians! If you are outside the campus or not using Eduroam, you need to login with your student account.

Returning books

You can return the books at any of the libraries at Lund University, You can also return them in the box outside the Asia Library, but please note that it will not be registered until the next working day. If you go abroad it is still your responsibility to make sure that the book is returned in time, and also that it is returned if it is requested by someone else.


To find articles start by using LUBsearch, or Lubito - a database of printed and electronic journals at Lund University.

If you find the article in LUBsearch you can download it on to your own device. It is free of charge. If you need help, please ask the librarian! If you are outside the campus or not using Eduroam, you need to login with your student account.

If you find the article in Lubito, you have to log in with your student acoount and request it, and the article will be sent to you via email within a couple of days. It is free of charge.

Please ask the librarians at the Asia Library if you have any questions!


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