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Classifications and shelf marks

The Asia Library uses the Swedish classification system SAB. This system organises books and other library material by subject, to make it easier for you to browse the shelves for materials on a specific topic.

The course books, methodology books and the academic writing books are placed in the middle of the library, close to the information desk. Within these course shelves, the books are also placed according to the SAB system. Behind the information desk there is one reference copy of each course book. This can not be taken out of the library.

Browse our books by subject directly in the national library catalogue Libris, or the Lund catalogue Lovisa.

A - About books, libraries, general bibliographies
B - General works, popular culture, research, mass media
C - Religion 
D - Philosophy, Psychology
E - Education, School systems
F - Languages
G - Literature, Literary criticism
H - Fiction, Poetry, Drama
I - Arts, Music, Theater, Film, Architecture
J - Archaeology
K - History
L - Biographies, Genealogy
M - Social anthropology
N - Geography
O - Social sciences, Politics, Law, Gender Studies
P - Technology
Q - Economics, Business, Marketing
R - Sports, Games
S - Military science
T - Mathematics
U - Natural sciences. Environmental Studies
V - Medical sciences

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