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My research primarily focuses on processes and patterns of underdevelopment, marginality and inequality at different levels within China and globally. My Ph.D. was an ethnography of the implementation and outcomes of China’s three largest government-run microcredit programmes in three townships in rural Jiangxi Province. Forthcoming publications from this project critically examine the reasons for heterogeneous implementation of the programmes in different localities, and demonstrate the ways in which microcredit produces patterns of de-marginalisation for some areas and actors, while simultaneously feeding into processes that lead to the marginalisation and exploitation of others.

Currently, I am in the process of developing two new research projects. The first seeks to examine the informal migration of Chinese nationals to Ghana in order to engage in small-scale gold mining. The second aims to explore the use of new forms of Internet finance – particularly peer-to-peer lending – in rural areas of China. I am also engaged in research and publications that critically reflect on the methodological challenges implicit in conducting in-depth empirical fieldwork, and which seek to develop new techniques and approaches for interacting with the field and data.


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