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Karin Zackari

Karin Zackari works as administrator at the Centre. She handles the Centre’s administrative documents and archives. She is in charge of purchasing, primarily in Lupin. Together with the researchers and teaching staff, she makes conference arrangements, e.g. booking travels, hotels, venues and etc. She handles personnel issues in the university’s administrative systems. She works with the university’s accounting section, in contact with other authorities, to arrange wage and reimbursement payments to the Centre’s guest lecturers and part-time employees. She is secretary for the Centre’s board meetings and has other general administrative tasks to fulfill. She is active in various administrative networks at the university.

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Karin Zackari
Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Lund University


Telephone: 046-222 3778
E-mail: karin [dot] zackari [at] ace [dot] lu [dot] se
Room Nr: 127
Service point: 61

Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies
Lund University
Sölvegatan 18 B, 223 62 Lund

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