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Darcy Pan - Research Outputs

2019 (contracted and in production)
Pan, Darcy. “Thinking like a state: doing labor activism in South China.” In Handbook of Dissent and Protest in China, edited by Teresa Wright. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Pan, Darcy. “Agents of change or status quo? The survival and development of labor NGOs in South China.” In Uncertain Times: Anthropological Approaches to Labor in a Neoliberal World, edited by Paul Durrenberger. Boulder: University Press of Colorado.

Pan, Darcy. Laboring through uncertainty: an ethnography of the Chinese state, labor NGOs and development. Ph. D Dissertation. Stockholm University.

Pan, Darcy. Student visas, undocumented labor, and the boundaries of legality: Chinese migration and English as a foreign language education. Social Anthropology 19 (3): 268-287.

Pan, Darcy. Book Review: Neoliberalism as Exception: mutations in citizenship and sovereignty, Aihwa Ong. Irish Journal of Anthropology 12 (3): 72-73.

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