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2014-04-04 New article by Dr. Jens Sejrup in Public Relations Inquiry
2014-03-25 Postdoctoral Fellow in Modern Chinese Studies
2014-03-11 New working papers
2014-02-17 Call for papers: Sustainable City Development: Theories, methods, challenges, and experiences in China and the Nordic countries
2014-01-27 Call for papers: Conference on Gender and Communication, 22-23 September, 2014, Beijing
2013-10-08 Forthcoming book "Chinese Investigative Journalists' Dreams Autonomy, Agency, and Voice"
2013-10-07 Overcoming geographies of scarcity: the water-energy nexus in Inner Mongolia and South Gobi, Mongolia
2013-10-04 Measuring local economies: Laos in space. Article in The Economist.
2013-08-19 Researchers at the Centre presented papers at the 7th EuroSEAS conference
2013-06-28 Article by Dr. Karl Gustafsson is re-published
2013-06-26 Researchers present papers at the China and the New Internet World conference
2013-06-24 Interna MFS-stipendier beviljade
2013-06-20 Dr. Karl Gustafsson on anti-Japanism and Sino-Japanese relations
2013-05-31 Dr. Karl Gustafssonon on Japanese Prime Minister Abe's u-turn on the Murayama Statement
2013-05-15 Indian Ambassador visits the Asia Library
2013-05-13 Externt MFS-stipendium beviljat.
2013-04-15 New article by Dr Ann Kull
2013-04-08 Article on Digital China Project
2013-03-18 Dr Monica Lindberg Falk organized two workshops in Myanmar on Gender, Buddhism, Development Actors and Civil Society on 23-24 February and 1 March. 2013.
2013-03-13 Dr. Karl Gustafsson on the Diaoyu/Senkaku dispute


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