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About the Asia library

Asia Library, the foremost library of its kind in Sweden, was created in 1999. Our target groups are scholars, teachers and students interested in contemporary East and South-East Asia, and the library is also open to the general public. The library is part of Lund University Libraries network and also handles inter-library loans to libraries around the world.

From 1999-2016 the Centre and the Asia Library was located at Ideon, Lund. From January 2017 we are at Sölvegatan 18 B (Nodrum).

In 2016 the Asia Library had almost 7 700 visitors, 3 341 loans and 162 inter-library loans.

The Asia Library has been a member of the Depository Library Program of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and a regular recipient of all their publications and policy papers up to year 2012, and some of the material is still in the collection. From 2013 all ADB's publications are available with Open Access on the ADB web. This applies also for older material.

See our special collections.

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Asia Library

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